Days seem so long when you are dealing with DEPRESSION or ANXIETY, grieving or angry, in conflict with someone or stressed by your job, hurting in your marriage or facing...

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Family Counseling

HUSBAND & WIFE, CHILDREN, AND AGING PARENTS.  These are just a few of the difficult issues that your family may be facing. (more…)

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Life Coaching

LIFE COACHING Do you know what your potential is? Do you know how to overcome obstacles that are in the way of reaching your potential? Do you know how to...

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About Us

Kleina Fellemende specializes in Brief, Solution-Focused Therapy assisting a client in finding answers and truth when life becomes complicated.

Meet the Counselor

Kleina Fellemende grew up in Oklahoma, married Ron Fellemende and served as a pastor’s wife in Oklahoma, Texas and Kentucky where she began her experience in listening to hurting people...

Mission Statement

Our office strives to provide a safe and caring atmosphere in which clients will feel comfortable exploring concerns and will be empowered to find answers. She and the client, together, will...

Topics in Counseling

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but identifies many of the more common issues that individuals and families find themselves dealing with on a daily basis. Kleina Fellemende...

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